Stichting EOTAS

The Environment Oriented Training And Support Foundtion (EOTAS) is a Dutch Non Government Organisation which supports Deaf Education in Tanzania. The organisation was founded with the aim to establish a complete education program, from preschool up to professional training in a safe and positive environment. In addition, we support parents with raising their deaf child. For the children with residual hearing, we issue hearing aids. If the child is profound deaf, then is communication by speech very difficult, therefore we use total communication with Tanzanian sign language. Our groups in t each of the classrooms are  of maximum 12 children. Our experienced Teachers receive additonal training from our volunteer specialists from abroad and at Tanzanian training centres. EOTAS has a program coordinator in Tanzania, who assists with capacity building, financial management, construction projects and school management.

Vision statement

EOTAS Foundation views that all children with a disability have equal rights to get good quality education within their own community. EOTAS endeavours to create a positive working and learning environment for staff and pupils respectively in order that all can achieve to the best of their ability.

Mission statement

EOTAS Foundation aims to provide equal opportunities in Tanzania for both boys and girls with special needs in obtaining gainful independent self- or wage-employment, through appropriate training followed by a Supported Employment Program.

Sources of funding
EOTAS Foundation solely relies on donors to sponsor and support its core activities. It also has a few residential appartments, whose returns are all given for the running of the Dodoma Deaf school.

Since 2002, EOTAS has also been building long-term relationships with international partners who have a role in providing various resources including money, expertise and people. These relationships have been established out of mutual respect, integrity and accountability.

Financial Reports
Our Financial statements are prepared annually after a comprehensive assessment by independent auditors. The financial reports are compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards under the historical cost convention.

Audit Report 2011

EOTAS Foundation  |  Giving Deaf Children a fair chance in life through quality Education!
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