Stichting EOTAS

“Signs are to eyes what words are to ears. “- Ken Glickman (Deaf Proverbs Book Writer) 

Do you find it important to give vulnerable deaf children the chance to get out of poverty, abuse and neglect and to offer them a life full of hope, love and a birght future through quality education? Then you can choose to partner with EOTAS Foundation to help the Deaf children in Tanzania receive quality education and a dignified future . You can then decide to make a once off contribution each time or to sponsor a child for € 25, - per month.

To sponsor a child or make a donation or should you wish to get more information, please contact us by clicking the "Contact us" button or send us emial at Thank you


How do I make a donation?
You can make direct deposits into our bank account details below:

Stichting EOTAS: Rek. Nr. ABNAMRO Bank, Amsterdam

What is my sponsorship contribution used for?
90% of your contribution goes directly to Tanzania and is used for:

  • Teaching aids
  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Audiometry testing
  • Food & clothing
  • Parents & teachers training
  • Transport for the deaf children to attend school
  • Administrative costs in Tanzania

Can I sponsor a deaf child individually?

Yes!  Opportunitues are available to sponsor a deaf child individualy at € 25, - per month or the school at large.

You can request for details and photos of the kids at after you have made your choice, we will send you a bio data on the deaf child you wish to sponsor individually


The Education Programme for the deaf children in Tanzania depends on foreign donations. Your contribution will directly benefit the deaf child in Tanzania. The school for primary education continues to expand according to local needs, until full capacity has been reached. EOTAS provides teaching aids, food, medical care and transport, parents and teachers training,  and alowance for the Programme Coordinator plus some specialists. Besides private donations, EOTAS also receives donations from other organisations, which contributes to the completion of the school building and children's welfare.

EOTAS Foundation  |  Giving Deaf Children a fair chance in life through quality Education!
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