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Sponsorship of deaf children (backpacks)

Now that our preschoolers from more than 10 years ago have received their primary school diploma and have to leave our school, it is clear that we have come a long way, but have not yet reached the end of their educational trajectory.

Many years of primary school and then secondary education here in Tanzania is clearly no guarantee to be able to earn your own money. Since last year, we have been seriously looking for opportunities to improve employment opportunities for deaf young people in collaboration with the Liliane Foundation (NL) and other organizations. In a country with very high unemployment, jobs are difficult to find for everyone, and it is almost impossible for deaf young people.

We are currently working on facilities to give young people access to 2-year vocational training in Dodoma. By providing accommodation for the deaf youngsters, they are able to go to a training center in Dodoma and receive extra support and training from EOTAS. We hope to realize this with so-called backpacks for every student. Your support is very welcome to help our deaf youngsters with good professional knowledge, so that they can become financially independent adults with enough basic knowledge to participate well in society.

It has not only been a long and often challenging road since we started building the Dodoma Deaf school in 2005, but it has also been an important step forward in realizing a complete and suitable education program for deaf children in Tanzania.

Every child is not only entitled to education, but also to a fair chance to continue later after school and to make good choices. Thanks to your confidence and financial support, we are on the right track to realize this for many deaf children in Tanzania!