Welcome to stay with us at
Eotas Apartments

Are you looking for temporary accommodation in Dodoma while conducting Research, Study, Volunteering, Social Programs or
Co-Assistance in hospitals? EOTAS Foundation offers home away from home. Good to know: The rent you pay, will directly benefit the children at our Deaf School.

Apartments in Dodoma

Eotas Apartments Dodoma has been specifically created for the purpose of generating an income for our Dodoma Deaf School in the suburb Kisasa. Thanks to your payments we can provide free education for 150 deaf children from Dodoma and surrounding regions. Fully furnished 1-2 bedroom apartments and studios in Dodoma are available on a secure compound and offer the ideal accommodation for anyone who needs a long, medium or short stay.

Apartments located in Dodoma

Eotas Apartments Dodoma is located less than 2kms from Dodoma town center, surrounded by greenery on all sides, one needs not worry about the heat of Tanzania in this beautiful location. Dodoma centre offers a selection of nice places to have dinner or drinks that cater to everyone’s tastes. Visit the local markets and shops, take a ride with the daladala or go for a nice swim at the swimming pools.


Accomodation and rooms dodoma

Our apartments are suitable for:

  • Medical Proffesionals & Students
  • Researchers
  • NGO Volunteers
    for short term to long term assignments.


Bedroom without bedsheets apartments in Dodoma
Apartmen in Dodoma with chairs and couch

Description apartments in Eotas Apartments Dodoma

Eotas Apartments Dodoma provides suitable accommodation for all and is often occupied by researchers, medical students and volunteers for short term to long term assignments. All 11 apartments are fully furnished with hot water and due to a watertank on the compound there is rarely lack of water. The compound has a fairly continuous electricity supply. We are continuously improving the compound for your benefit.

Your contribution to our Dodoma Deaf School is based on the amount of days that you are staying with us. The amount displayed as an indication only and you are free to support the free education and care for 150 deaf children at our Dodoma Deaf School with a larger contribution.

We provide 24 hours security, including (friendly) dogs, weekly house cleaning and further assistance with other issues in Dodoma if needed. Standard maintenance and repair is carried out by us and included in your contributions.

Eotas Apartments Dodoma consists of the following three types of apartments:

Large apartments

of 100m2 with two bedrooms, two bathrooms with hot water, a screened verandah and living room with open kitchen.


apartment of 50m2 with two smaller bedrooms, one bathroom with hot water, a living room with open kitchen and a screened verandah.

Studio appartments

consisting of one room, a bathroom with hot water, a kitchen unit and a screened verandah.

Bedroom with carpet
Bathroom with toilet, sink and blue walls

Standard contribution (Tsh ) ,

including weekly cleaning, security, repair and maintenance and service charges:

(Monthly payment is excl. water, electricity and gas)(photos of appartments are current examples, but me vary according to the exact appartment number)

(photos of appartments are current examples, but me vary according to the exact appartment number)

Type Daily Weekly Monthly
Large 85,000 510,000 1,200,000
Medium 50,000 300,000 800,000
Studio luxe 40,000 240,000 650,000
Studio std. 35,000 210,000 550,000

Want to see more? Look here at more pictures of our Apartments in Dodoma